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NGC Product Solutions is the legacy of E & D Pipe and Process Equipment – a 2006 acquisition created from the need for high quality, rapid response, and custom solutions – including onsite installation – for engineering firms, construction companies, and process facilities in the Canadian marketplace.

NGC Product Solutions makes, distributes, innovates, and creates the next generation products and solutions for the most challenging environments in construction, process, and fluid handling applications while adhering to the highest quality design standards. “We provide the solutions for all your corrosion and vibration challenges.” NGC’s capabilities, with the support from our vendors, include engineering and design, as well as product solution supply, fabrication and on-site installation.

NGC Advantage:

  • ABSA certified manufacturer
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase system life cycle
  • Meet or exceed quality specifications
  • Increase speed of delivery
  • Maximize safety and protection
  • Minimize the environmental footprint
  • Our service continues long after the sales cycle ends
Best Documentation
Empowered to Deliver
Sets You Up for Success

Service Oriented

Your Team:

We asked our team a few personal questions, so you know… you could REALLY get to know them!

Conquest, Client Engagement Officer

In another life, Conquest believes he was a Giant Schnauzer so his size matched his personality. If he was a superhero, his super power would definitely be Evil Detector. When he was a pup, he was sure he’d grow up to be a horse and is convinced that may still happen. And the coolest thing he’s working on right now is mastering his Harley Davidson, SeaDoo and Sled skills.

Terry Sickel, OPS Coordinator

Terry is a big dog fan, clearly, since he has one. If he was a superhero, his super power would be to become invisible. When he was a kid, he wanted to be a hockey player when he grew up so clearly, you can find him both playing and watching sports in his free time.

Moe Morad, Project Manager

If Moe was a super hero, he believes his super power would be reading people’s minds. He loves to play basketball and cards as well as watch sports in his free time. And he believes that people should be honest and never take advantage of others.

Cecile Urate, OPS Coordinator

Cecile thinks that perhaps in another life she was a bird flying high and free. The best piece of advice she was ever given was to not worry about what others are doing, worry about what you’re doing. You may see her on the city’s pathways riding her bike in her free time but when she needs some downtime, she likes to relax watching a flick.

Chris Jelfs, Field Sales Specialist

Chris lives by the Kaizen rule – continuous improvement, always – in all ways. Some of his favourite hobbies are learning “everything” and watching or playing golf, football or hockey. Chris is a dog dad and have a Jack Russell Terrier named Blaze. Blaze packs more energy than a Red Bull. Currently Chris is looking at obtaining his fixed wing license. He really wanted to be a pilot when he grew up. 

Dan Pascua, Corporate Account Manager

Dan believes that it is never too late to change. He is one of Calgary’s cycling aficionados. COVID-19 gave Dan the chance to reinvent himself: from a leisure cyclist to an adventure cyclist. You will see him  navigating the great pathways of Calgary and roaming the inner roads of Priddis and surrounding areas. Only his bike knows where his next adventure will be! 

Jennifer Melanson, Project Manager

Jennifer loves that there is something different everyday in her job to challenge her. She believes honesty and integrity are the best attributes in others and that regret can only be found in what you didn’t try rather than what you did. In her free time, you’ll find her reading and spending time with family or enjoying her favourite hobbies, horseback riding and travelling (not necessarily at the same time).

Tim Woods, Vice President

Tim’s passion is turning the theoretical into reality. He is currently working on a very cool off-grid power system and in his non-working hours, you’ll often find him mountain sledding, biking, skydiving or deep sea fishing – he’s clearly out for adventure!

Shawna Guiltner, President

Shawna is convinced that in a past life she was a dragon as dragons protect all creatures within their kingdoms. Conquest, her Mini Schnauzer, is her BFF so clearly she is a dog person (cats are just so ‘judgey’). She believes in honesty even in the face of vulnerability. And in three words, she would describe her job as Greatest Cat Herder!

Aidan O’Callaghan, Application Specialist

Aidan believes the best life rule to live by is to treat others the way you want to be treated. He prefers dogs over cats because dogs don’t eat you when you die. He likes to relax by walking the dog, listening to music and drinking a beer.

Sean Brouillet, Production Support

Sean admires people that are honest, genuine and have a great sense of humour. He learned early on to be positive and work hard. You might just catch him on the open road in spring and summer riding his motorbike – one of his favourite pastimes! 

Want to join our team?

NGC Product Solutions is looking to fill the following positions:

Field Sales Specialist


Now available from NGC
“Galli & Cassina Lubricated Plug Valves”

NGC is now the master distributor for Crane Cast Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves

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Featured Video

Check out this video about our company.

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